AromaTherapy is a health centre that provides a wide range of alternate healing solutions for adults, children and adolescents. Our staff provides counseling and assessment of current health and offers a range of solutions for healing. Aromatherapy is a full service health centre focused on providing healing for physical ailments, relief from pain, spiritual healing, chakra balancing and clinical hypnotherapy.
The human body has a self healing mechanism and every individual’s body is equipped to self heal. We tap into the self healing mechanism to revive the body’s ability to self heal and work on individual empowerment so that client’s can take charge of their health and their body. Alternate therapy goes to the root of the problem and not the surface triggers. By helping the individual to understand the cause of a disease, the focus remains on encouraging clients to change their thoughts, their behavior patterns and their living style, so that they find balance and a permanent solution to their afflictions.
Many therapies are good and effective. You need to understand which one fits you. Every person is unique so the solution of each individual is different. Our solutions aim at:

  1. Balancing energy levels for a free flow of energy within the body.
  2.   Removing blocks and to let go of compulsions that drive you.
  3. Improving self esteem, self worth and self love.
  4. Finding your purpose in life and making changes to live the life you were meant to live.
  5. Removing addictions and compulsive behaviors
  6. Healing pain.
  7. Past life regressio

Our Mission.

Our mission is to provide healing solutions to the community so as to improve the lives of those who seek healing. We seek to empower individuals to create the life they want. Every individual is entitled to live a life of their dreams. By providing alternate healing methods, we attempt to make positive changes in the life of individuals such that they can live their life purpose the way they were meant to.

Our Vision.
To be a leader in providing alternate healing solutions those empowers the lives of individuals and make a difference in how they live. To provide healing methods that leaves a positive impact on individuals and the community at large. To make this world a better place to live in.